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Music Assistant


Music Assistant is a music library manager for your offline and online music sources which can easily stream your favourite music to a wide range of supported players and be combined with the power of Home Assistant!


  • Supports multiple music sources through a provider implementation
  • Many popular streaming services are supported, as well as local files
  • Automatically matches music on different providers (track linking)
  • Fetches metadata for extended artist information
  • Keeps track of the entire music library in a compact database
  • Gapless, crossfade and volume normalization support for all players
  • Playback synchronisation is possible for supported players
  • Announcements during playback supported
  • Truly hassle free streaming of your favourite music to players, no advanced knowledge required
  • Rich User interface (Progressive Web App) powered by logoVueJS 3

Music Assistant Add-on For Home Assistant


Music Assistant consists of multiple building blocks:

  • Music Assistant Server (Installation Instructions)
  • Music Assistant Integration for Home Assistant (Installation Instructions)
    • An optional sub-component of the Integraton is the Home Assistant Plugin for Music Assistant. This allows the importing of Home Assistant media players into the Music Assistant engine to use as targets for playback

Music Assistant Server

The Music Assistant server is a free, opensource Media library manager that connects to your streaming services and a wide range of connected speakers. The server is the beating heart, the core of Music Assistant and it keeps track of your music sources. It must run on an always-on device like a Raspberry Pi, a NAS or an Intel NUC or alike. The server can access multiple music providers and stream to multiple player types.

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Music Assistant Integration

Connects Home Assistant to your Music Assistant Server to allow control from your HA instance, allow you to automate your music and allows voice control! The Integration also allows the exposure of HA media players to MA furthering the options you have for playback.


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The Team

Marcel Jozef Jonathan Gavin Marvin Giel Santiago khers Lokiberra Mel jc2k